The better shopping experience


Easy to shop, hard to steal

Store theft is a growing issue, and we can help you protect your profit by guarding your products while still keeping them accessible for the shopper.

Our loss prevention solutions guard your assets on hooks and shelves, deterring theft in the place where it happens while minimizing impact on the whole store setup. 

Get the suitable level of protection in relation to item value, with solutions that ensure good value for money, easy installation and little time spent on maintenance. 

We will help you take loss prevention measures that maintain a good shopping experience. 

Key benefits:

  • Protect your profit 
  • Maintain shopability 
  • Manage easily

Selected loss prevention solutions

The products below are selected examples of our solutions, specifically designed to keep your assortment safe from sweeping. 

We will gladly assist you in finding the best protection for your store, whether ready-to-ship or bespoke solution.

Spiral hook

Spiral hook uses an integrated spiral design to prevent sweeping by creating a more controlled product release. 

Two-handed operation: The design ensures a two-handed operation, facilitating controlled and precise dispensing of a single product at a time. 

Versatility in product merchandising: Suited for a wide range of products displayed on hooks, Spiral Hook works with various merchandise types. 

Hood options: Choose between a round hood or square hood based on your preferences and requirements, adding a customizable touch to the dispensing system. 

Optimized dispensing coil: The integrated dispensing coil is designed to work against sweeping, ensuring a consistent and controlled dispensing process with two different spacing options.  

Slow pusher tray 

Slow pusher tray’s box design prevents sweeping attempts while keeping products automatically front-faced. 

Tailored fit: Each Slow Pusher is custom designed to fit its items, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing presentation. 

Integration with branding tools: Elevate your brand presence by seamlessly incorporating communication and branding tools, such as Brandline™, into the tray’s design. 

Automatic front-facing: The integrated pusher automatically front-faces products, which not only enhances product visibility but also contributes to a neat and organized display. 

Flex Panel 

Flex Panel is a shelf-ready pre-assembled tray that can be equipped with dividers and pushers of choice, providing a secure solution to deter theft while ensuring minimal disruption to the planogram. 

Sliding tiles for enhanced security and visibility: The inclusion of sliding tiles not only prevents shelf sweeping but also enhances product visibility and shopper access, striking a balance between security and convenience. 

Automatic fronting system: Our shelf merchandising system is designed for automatic fronting, ensuring that products are consistently presented at the shelf edge. This not only maintains an organized display but also enhances the shopping experience. 

Custom tray size: Tailor the tray size to meet your specific requirements, allowing for a perfect fit for your products and shelf layout. 

Precision heat-bent casing: The casing is heat-bent to size, ensuring durability and a sleek, professional appearance. 

Versatile tile sizes: Choose from tile sizes of 75mm (width) x 185mm or 240mm, offering versatility to accommodate various product dimensions. 

Optional security features: Enhance security further with optional tiles featuring locks and alarm sensors. The lock ensures additional protection, while the alarm sensor emits a beep when the tile is moved, providing an additional layer of security awareness.