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Shelf defence with Tomas Humphreys

Recent reports reveal a substantial increase in retail theft across Europe, with a staggering 16.7 million incidents of customer theft annually across the total retail sector in the UK, representing a twofold surge compared to the previous year.* In Germany, the estimated cost of damage caused by theft in grocery retail adds up to 2.4 billion euros.**

We talked to Tomas Humphreys, Product Manager, about HL Display’s commitment to addressing this growing concern with loss prevention solutions that deter thieves while maintaining availability.

Hello Tomas! HL Display has recently taken a stand against rising store theft by introducing innovative loss prevention solutions. Can you tell us more bout this?

Absolutely. As a global company, we get reports from customers all around on the pressing issue of store theft and its harmful effects on retailers. That’s why we are focusing on providing effective loss prevention solutions that deter thieves but also maintain product availability for shoppers. With store theft on the rise, it's crucial for retailers to protect their profits and ensure the safety of both customers and employees. From small convenience stores to large supermarkets, no retailer seems to be immune to this.

So, what could the impact of store theft on retailers and the retail industry become? 

Well, store theft not only results in direct financial losses for retailers but also leads to forced assortment changes, challenges in recruiting and retaining personnel, and compromises the overall shopping experience. If the shoppers feel insecure in your store, they will take their business elsewhereit’s human!



How do HL Display's loss prevention solutions address these challenges?

We see that what's often overlooked is where much of this theft occurs – right on the shelves. Products disappear into pockets or bags, making traditional surveillance methods less effective. That's where we come into play.  Our loss prevention solutions are designed to target theft at the source – and shoppable shelves are HL’s homefield. We have created a flexible and wide loss prevention range that is adjustable to the suitable level of protection in relation to risk and value, is easy to in stall, and requires very little maintenance.



Finally, can you tell us more about some of the loss prevention solutions offered by HL?

Of course. Our range of loss prevention solutions includes products such as the Anti-Sweep Spiral Hook, which prevents sweeping by creating a controlled product release, the Slow Pusher Tray, which automatically front-faces products while preventing theft attempts, and the Flex Panel, a shelf-ready tray equipped with dividers and pushers to deter theft. Each solution is designed to strike a balance between security and shopper convenience, ensuring that products remain accessible while protected from theft. And these are just examples – we already have so much know-how and experience in this matter, we’ll be right there when youneed it.


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** ”Inventurdifferenzen 2023”, EHI, 2023, Germany.