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Clear and attractive shelf segmentation

With more than 250 million dividers sold, Optimal™ is an effective divider system developed to keep shelves well organised with less time spent, while being adaptable to fit many packaging formats. 

Optimal™ is easy to install and adjust and works with all types of shelving.

Dividers can be combined with pushers to automate front-facing, and slow-motion pushers allow for double- or triple stacking of products. For beverages, the Optimal™ pusher tray ensures automated front-facing to save time on merchandising and avoid products to be perceived out-of-stock.

Both dividers and pusher tracks are part of the HL Sustainable Choice range and are made from partially recycled plastic. The Optimal™ black divider in smart black colour is made from 100% recycled plastic – for every 1000 dividers about 170kg of virgin plastic are saved. 

Key benefits:

  • Ensures perfect product presentation
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Ambient- and cooler-friendly

Watch our product video:

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