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Shelf merchandising - faster than ever

The beverage category can be challenging to merchandise. To simplify the process of refilling and front-facing, SPAR Zurich has recently installed our rotating shelf system, TurnLoader™. The solution works so well that TurnLoader™ will be installed in all future SPAR express convenience stores.

Beverages are an important driver of footfall for convenience stores – but they can also be difficult and time-consuming to merchandise given the high sales frequency. Therefore, SPAR asked HL to provide a solution that would not only save staff hours but also ensure shelves are always neatly organised. The solution is TurnLoader™, a rotating shelf that is installed into chillers replacing existing shelves. Thanks to a rotating movement, shelves can be restocked from the back, ensuring cold drinks are always front-faced and saving merchandising time. Furthermore, out of stock can be detected easily to avoid any loss of sales.

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More installations to come!

“We are very pleased with TurnLoader. Chilled beverages are always placed in the front of the shelf and are easily accessible. No pre-cooling of beverages is needed, and it’s easy to prevent shelves looking out-of-stock. This one is a keeper, we’re certainly not going back to our previous shelving systems," says Pia Jehli, Store manager at Spar Express Zurich.

Merchandising solutions installed for Spar, Switzerland