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Learning about sustainable shopping

Packaging-free merchandising is a commitment towards creating a more sustainable store.

An award winning zero waste business has entrusted the help of HL Display to educate shoppers about the benefits of making ethical, environmentally friendly spending choices.

Grain & Sustain, UK was the brainchild Louise Humpington, who wanted to create a business with an eco-friendly ethos.

Launched in October 2019, Grain & Sustain has become known for its wide range of store cupboard ingredients, and HL Display has played a pivotal role.

Removing plastic waste

Used with products such as baking ingredients, dried fruit, flour, cereals, beans, nuts, seeds and their famous vegan pick ‘n’ mix, HL Display’s range of gravity bins and scoop bins allows shoppers to stock up their cupboard without the plastic packaging.

“The HL Display gravity bins have been a huge success with our customers,” said Louise. “From a visual perspective, people love it. The displays are eye-catching, and it draws customers in to make a purchase, as well as being easy for them to use. The bins have also helped to create space within the store. This ultimately has helped us going from a store that originally stocked 40 products on refill, to over 420 in just ten months.”

Educating Shoppers

Louise, alongside her husband Will, have a background in human rights & environmental campaigning and the entrepreneur admits she started this retail business to help educate consumers, and give people a choice in sustainable shopping.

Grain & Sustain opened their third store in Scotland in recent weeks and Louise hopes she can help others to have an impact on plastic reduction and climate change, by making more sustainable and ethical choices.

Louise continued: “The business’ ethos is in helping educate people to make informed choices on their sustainable lifestyle choices, and to empower them on their journey to zero waste.

“We don’t judge people or dictate what choice they should make but empower them to make evidence-based decisions which are right for them taking account of their individual circumstances.”

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Merchandising solutions installed at Grain & Sustain