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In the competitive retail environment, brands need to look for innovative ways to secure shelf space and increase product visibility. Our wide range of shelf tray solutions are effective for prominent product and brand messaging to help customers stand out from the competition. Adaptable, flexible and custom-made, shelf trays are available in a variety of personalised options. The shelf trays are part of the Sustainable Choice range and are available in partially recycled plastic or bioplastic.

Freezer trays

Keeping bulky products organised on freezer shelves can be a challenge for store staff. Freezer trays are a modular shelf solution that allows neat and attractive product presentation. 


Modulo tray is an adaptable flip-front pusher tray system that can easily be adjusted to any number of facings, no matter the size of the shelf space. Modulo is compatible with our shelfliners and a range of accessories for brand communication.

Flex Tray™

Flex Tray is flexible for all store and shelf formats as shelf dividers between facings can be easily adjusted. The tray is a single solution that preserves shelf space, displays all products and can be complemented with LED lighting.

Classic Brandman

Brandman™ trays are a flexible shelf solution that keeps the assortment organised. Brandman™ is easy to implement for a smaller number of product facings and simpler to produce compared to bespoke solutions. 

Choco tray & Choco pusher

Choco trays and Choco pushers deliver great impact on shelves by creating brand blocks while always ensuring neat and tidy shelves. The Choco tray can be easily adapted to suit your needs; they feature a double wall tray to keep packages in place and have an angled backplate to increase visibility. The Choco pusher is a stand-alone pusher with a telescope rail, which makes it one of the most flexible pushers available and can be used with every divider in the market.

 Key benefits:

  • Help to drive brand awareness
  • Effectively communicate key benefits and branded messages
  • Protect shelf space and ensure segmentation

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