The better shopping experience


Better visibility, better sales!

The importance of product presentation in a store cannot be underestimated since appealing displays drive traffic and stimulate visual interest to enhance the overall shopping experience.

At DESPAR Italia supermarket in Bari City, Italy, the store wanted to create a greater visual impact at their fruit and vegetable category, as well as increase shelf display space. Hence, making the right choices in displaying fresh produce were important to significantly boost sales and revenue in this area.

Attract attention and maximise space

Previously, fruits and vegetables were presented on CPR green crates and wicker baskets on the shelves. To create a more tempting and attractive presentation that entices all the senses, DESPAR implemented a combination of HL’s solutions namely, FreshCase and Next™. This was inspired by similar well-designed layouts at the other stores.

FreshCase, a modular display system for ambient shelves and tables, showcases a lavish presentation of fresh groceries using less inventory, which can translate to less cost in terms of wastage. While Next™, a shelf-less pusher tray system allows more product visibility and makes it easier to merchandise bags.

Space is maximised, with more inventories being showcased in nine-metre coolers, instead of its previous 3.75-metre coolers, and a four-square metre island was eliminated.

Significantly improved shopping experience

Store owner, Mr. Gervasi Fabrizio said he is "extremely positive about the visual effect, and it has completely renewed the department." HL solutions have revived the fresh produce category, giving it a new and vibrant environment, and shoppers greatly enjoy the new refreshing experience.

Product visibility has become significantly better. Sales have increased between 10 – 15%, mainly due to the increased space, better layout, and stunning presentation. The area has turned into a strong performing category at the store with better shopping experience.

Merchandising solutions installed at DESPAR Bari City