The better shopping experience


A better shopping experience is also a safer shopping experience

As retailers are working hard to keep stores operating, ensuring the health and safety of store staff and shoppers is crucial.

To support our customers during these difficult times, we have developed solutions to encourage social distancing, simplify hygiene measures and implement physical barriers between store employees and shoppers. The assortment is growing continuously and can be adapted to specific needs. Please contact us if there is anything we can help you with – we are here to help.


Check-out screens and floor dividers

Store personnel working check-outs have countless shopper interactions daily. Check-out screens and floor dividers create a mechanical barrier between store staff and shoppers and shield from contamination. Installed on the check-out desk or between cashiers, it is a simple but effective solution that can be fully customised to meet your needs.

Floor dividers can also be installed between self check-outs to ensure shoppers’ safety.


Hygiene station 

Hygiene measures are key to protect staff and shoppers. Our hygiene station is a modular stand providing shoppers with hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, paper towels and more. It can be placed at the entrance or throughout the store and keeps items organised. The hygiene station is customisable so items available to shoppers can be adapted depending on needs. Accessories such as glove box holders can also be attached directly to shelves.


Safety communication

When queuing to pay or navigating aisles at the grocery store, the recommended social distance of 1-2m is easy to forget. Solutions such as floor stickers are simple, yet effective in remining shoppers to keep their distance. They are customisable to specific measures, shapes and messages.


Facial shield

Store personnel needs to be able to move freely throughout the store. The facial shield is a transparent full-face visor that protects from droplets and enables staff to move around rather than being stationed behind a fixed screen. Furthermore, it functions as a reminder to avoid touching the face subconsciously. Fully transparent, the facial shield can be adjusted to size and is suitable to wear over glasses.


Hands-free handle

Preventing microbial contamination of door handles is an important consideration for the welfare of both shoppers and employees. Our easily installed hands-free handle for chillers allows people to open doors with their arm and prevent contaminating the handles. It is made from recycled plastic, and ergonomically optimised in a sleek design. The flexible rotating handle is easy to clean and fit on most door handles.