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An abundant-looking fresh produce display when no cooler is needed.

Earning the shopper’s visit with a generous presentation of colourful fresh produce in ambient temperature can be achieved without excessive fresh inventory, which in turn prevents shrink and lost revenue.

Whether it is for shelves, tables, or walls, HL has an excellent range of solutions to showcase quality and abundant fresh produce for a better shopping experience. Or drive impulse purchases with baskets and the Sigma™ floor racks to create a farmer's market atmosphere and brighten up the fruit selection.

Create stunning displays

FreshCase is a modular display system for ambient shelves, tables, and walls, and also part of the Sustainable Choice range. Available in various sizes and with different shelf fronts, it allows for flexible merchandising to fit retailers’ needs. By installing FreshCase on crossbars, it transforms walls into stunning cascading displays without the need for shelves.

Key benefits

  • Combine different size FreshCases to maximise rotation and variety
  • Complementary to Sigma™ to create holistic presentation
  • Easy to install and clean

Customise for the perfect fit

FreshGrid table display using different modules can be customised to fit store size and secure optimal layout. A variety of options can be created for bulk and mixed inventories, with adjustable table inclination for maximum visibility. FreshGrid accessories are available to be used independently or as an added feature to fit existing tables.

Key benefits

  • Right-sized merchandising creating attractive ambient displays
  • Modularity for simple setup and combinations of different accessories
  • Ideal for packaging-free produce

Drive impulse purchases

Brighten up your fruit selection with our eye-catching impulse display solutions. The fresh produce department is a signature category; most shoppers consider the quality and presentation as the deciding factors in choosing where to shop. Finding new and impactful ways to display fruit is a great opportunity for retailers to create in-store theatre.

Due to the upright display design, the Banana tree is designed to prevent bruising and reduce food waste, as well as being easy to shop to increase impulse purchases. Ideal as a centrepiece or for cross-merchandising.

Key benefits:

  • Designed to prevent fruit from bruising resulting in less shrink
  • Easy relocation around the store to drive impulse purchase
  • Fruit is conveniently accessible from all sides of the display



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