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Sigma™ is a modular merchandising system tailored to create stunning visual displays to showcase more variety of produce. There is no need for a large inventory that can be lost through shrink. Retailers can focus on rotation to ensure freshness and create an inspiring shopping environment which makes shoppers chose the store again and again.

The system is light and durable as it is made from aluminium for easy handling and cleaning - simply rinse with water. Aluminium does not rust, conducts temperatures four times better than steel, ensures effective cooler circulation and maximises refrigeration airflow. It is a food-safe merchandising system for chillers*.

Key benefits:

  • Drives sales and reduces waste – up to 30% sales increase in test stores
  • High durability, light and easy handling
  • Create disruption within a signpost category

*Food-safe surface FDA-approved powder coat.

Watch our product video:

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Other fruit & veg solutions

The following Sigma™ products are available to complement the existing range:

  • Banana tree
  • Wicker baskets
  • False bottom bins
  • Premier drawer bins
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