The better shopping experience


Winning with shoppers

We have a passion for delivering better shopping experiences together with our customers.

To achieve that, understanding shoppers and their behaviour is pivotal to offering them a personal experience and to making their shopping trip worthwhile.

That is why we have engaged Tony Durham, a leading Shopper Psychology Expert to provide some expert into consumer behaviour and how to apply them to the retail environment.

From driving awareness to influencing shoppers’ choice, watch our videos below to learn more about the fascinating psychology of shopping!

It is useful to note that these videos were recorded in February 2020 and therefore did not take into account how shopping behaviour has changed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for more videos!

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Winning in food & beverages to go


Shopping food & beverages to go is all about speed. Help shoppers to find what they are looking for, quickly, to ensure a convenient shopping experience for busy lifestyles.


Is your store worth the visit? 


Today, shoppers can shop whenever and wherever they want – offline and online. So how can you make sure your store is worth the shopper’s visit?




Creating an experience with fruit & vegetables.


Grocery retailers need to create shopping experiences that make the visit worthwhile rather than shopping for groceries online. Fresh produce is one of the key categories to help you earn the shopper’s visit.


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vimeo video preview image