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Activate the shelf edge

A carrier rail is a flexible tool for shelf edge communication.

Slim profiles give the possibility to attach a wide variety of different devices, with options to turn the shelf edge into a spot for communicating various messages, from price communication to effective promotion and branding messages.

For extra protection, a bumper or a rail with cover protects against impacts, particularly for lower shelves which are more exposed to shocks from trolleys, pallet carriers and cleaning machines. 

We offer three different types of carrier profiles, each one with distinct features and benefits.

Slimline™ is our classic carrier rail that offers flexibility when it comes to communication options and accessories. Suitable for most store shelves, Slimline™ rails are made from a slim profile that can fit onto tightly set shelves. ESLs, paper labels and shelf talkers of all sizes can be attached with holders that click onto the rail. Featuring an added hinge functionality, Slimline™ makes it easy to take products off the shelf.

Slimline™ Ultra
Slimline™ Ultra is a carrier rail that offers the same benefits as Slimline™ but with an updated design and new features. Using holders, ESLs and other communication devices can be attached to it. With its smart design, Slimline™ Ultra can be adjusted to different angles as well as matched to various accessories for promotion and communication. Slimline™ Ultra is compatible with our Ad’Lite™ LED bar for optimal shelf illumination.

CosmeLine™ is the most complete shelf edge communication system on the market, specifically designed for drugstores and pharmacies. Featuring an exclusive look and feel, CosmeLine™ can be used for price, product, and brand communication. CosmeLine™ is compatible with a range of added solutions such as dividers and Ad’Lite™ LED bars. An integrated slot allows for branding clips and glorifiers to be added to the rail.

Key benefits:

  • Slim rail allows better product visibility in shelves with low height
  • Flexibility to combine holders for ESL, paper labels and POS material
  • The original carrer rail that is tried and tested
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