Organisation & Management Team

Group Management Team

The HL Display Group Management Team is responsible for both strategy and the day-to-day operations of the company. The executives set the vision and inspire growth, change and expansion within the organisation by providing the roadmap and resources to realise the corporate objectives.

NinaJönsson_01_cropped for web.jpg
Nina Jönsson CEO

Employed since: 2016
Education: B.Sc. Business Administration, Uppsala University
Previously: 25+ years' experience from international retail as Senior Vice President Category & Purchasing for ICA Sverige following 19 years with Procter & Gamble.

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Annika Haaker Group Human Resources Director

Employed since: 2015
Education: B.Sc. Human Resources Management, Stockholm University
Previously: 20+ years' experience from leading HR in international listed companies including Global Director of Talent & Development for Nobia and NasdaqOMX.

PederClaeson_01_cropped for web.jpg
Peder Clason Group Marketing Director

Employed since: 2016
Education: M.Sc. Economics & International Business, Stockholm School of Economics
Previously: 15+ years' experience from international roles with Procter & Gamble and Global Brand Strategy Director with Absolut.

BjörnBorgman_01_cropped for web.jpg
Björn Borgman Group Commercial Director

Employed since: 2015
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering, Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology
Previously: 17 years' experience in international roles with Reckitt Benckiser including Vice President Sales Canada, and Country Manager Sweden.

LennartJohansson_cropped for web.jpg
Lennart Johansson Group Supply Chain Director

Employed since: 2017
Education: M.Sc. Industrial Engineering & Management, Linköping University
Previously: 15+ years' experience from a number of industries, including Director of Supply Chain COOP and leading roles in Volvo and Schneider Electrics.

Benno Eliasson Group CFO

Employed since: 2017
Education: Economics and Business Administration, Växjö University
Previously: 25 years' experience in various finance roles including CFO Randstad Nordic and leading positions at ATG, Ikano Bank (IKEA) and ICA.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of four members, of which three are owner representatives. They are responsible for corporate governance and managing the company’s affairs. The Board continuously monitors the financial performance of the group, ensuring the organisation is structured in such a way that allows maximum efficiency and productivity. Board members annually define policies and procedures and assign responsibilities between each member and the CEO.

Jonas Wiström Chairman of the Board since 2019

Position: President and CEO, Ratos AB
Education: MSc Engineering

Christian Johansson Gebauer.jpg
Christian Johansson Gebauer Member of the Board since 2018

Position: Director Operations, Ratos AB
Education: MSc Engineering

Joakim Twetman Member of the Board since 2019

Position: Director Operations, Ratos AB
Education: MSc Engineering

NinaJönsson_01_cropped for web.jpg
Nina Jönsson Member of the Board since 2018

Position: CEO, HL Display AB
Education: B.Sc. Business Administration

Commercial Area Directors

The Commercial Area Directors are responsible for managing and operating HL Display’s business in their respective local region and ensuring market growth by strengthening its strategic partnership with existing retail customers and branded retail suppliers.

Reinhard Rollett Area Director Central Europe

Employed since: 2004

Duncan Hill Area Director UK & Australia

Employed since: 2006

StephaneJacob_cropped for web.jpg
Stéphane Jacob Area Director Western Europe

Employed since: 2013

TorbjörnMagnusson_cropped for web.jpg
Torbjörn Magnusson Area Director Asia

Employed since: 2014

Patrik Mattsson Director Global Partner Markets

Employed since: 2015

Johan Nordqvist Area Director Northeastern Europe

Employed since: 2017