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Sigma™ creating a wow factor!

We’ve seen a 30% increase in sales and zero waste that goes straight onto the bottom line

Increasing the shelf life of fresh produce can prove quite a challenge as retailers aim to decrease shrink. The Green Grocers store owner Luke Coathup in the UK explains how the recent installation of Sigma™ has helped increase sales and reduce waste as a result of long-lasting fruit and vegetables.

“The shelf life and quality of the product are much greater because of better air circulation,” Luke said. “As a result, we’ve seen zero waste, which is a massive plus for us.”

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Sigma™ was designed to showcase abundant-looking produce without the need for large inventory. Made of anodized aluminium, the Sigma™ merchandising system for fresh allows for greater recirculation of cool air, keeping products at the optimum temperature for maximum shelf life.

In addition to a 30% uplift in sales, Luke is particularly excited about the buzz created in his store through the visually-stunning display.

“We’re finding Sigma™ has created this lovely wow factor; another element of the theatre of being in retail,” explained Luke. “As soon as the customer walks in front of it all, the colours and produce speak for itself.”

Environmentally-conscious shoppers are expecting retailers to apply sustainable practices such as reducing the amount of food and packaging waste. With Sigma™, very little plastic packaging is required, enabling shoppers to be more conscious about their buying habits.

“It’s about adding value to the customer. We have very little product that is in plastic, so everything goes into a bag or a box that can be re-used within the store.”

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To further drive sales, HL has installed a Banana tree, which is part of the new Sigma™ floor rack range. The unique design of the Banana tree appeals to shoppers and serves as a secondary display for cross-merchandising.

“Our Banana Tree has caused a lot of discussion with staff and customers,” Luke stated. “We used to buy two to three boxes a week; now we are getting up to four to five.”

Innovative merchandising solutions installed at The Green Grocers, UK