Retail-proven ESL holders for every need

HL Display has been supplying attachment solutions for Electronic Shelf Labels since the beginning of the industry.

With ESLs becoming more popular, solutions to securely fix them on shelf are gaining in importance, too. Our wide range of ESL attachment solutions fits most shelving systems on the market. The ESL holders are easy to use and offer protection for labels when needed to endure the wear-and-tear of the retail environment.

You can choose between different shelf edge communication systems, each system with a unique set of benefits:

Classic ESL rail.
 A family of profiles that have been developed to fit ESLs on the shelf edge. The profiles will hold the ESLs securely and ensure that labels are presented in the best possible way.

Carrier rail. A slim profile with possibility to attach a wide variety of different communication devices. A carrier rail provides many options to turn the shelf edge into a communication area, from price communication to effective promotion and branding messages.

Rails with extra protection. Lower shelves are more exposed to shocks from trolleys, pallet carriers and cleaning machines. Use a bumper or a rail with cover to protect the ESL against impacts.

Rear parts. To provide solution for almost every shelf type, HL offers a two-piece solution that uses a rear part clicked into the shelf edge, and a front part clicked into the rear part.

Holders for peg hooks. With our solution ESL holders can be fixed in different angles while being securely attached on the shelf to avoid the holder falling off. 


Key benefits:

  • Secure and resilient to withstand wear-and-tear
  • Alternatives fitting most shelving systems
  • Attractive design
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