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Automated front-facing with high flexibility

Shelf-ready solutions to ensure automated front-facing for perfect product presentation.

Our glide solutions are simple, yet effective to ensure visibility while optimising selling space. Thanks to the gravity-feed functionality products are always front-faced and out of stocks are detectable instantly, helping to avoid lost sales. 

Easily adaptable merchandising for a variety of packaging formats

Made from low friction material our glide mats can be installed on any shelves in ambient or chiller environments. As sheets come in different widths and depths and with a selection of front risers and profiles they can easily be customised to suit your needs.

Key benefits

  • Avoid perceived out of stock with automated front-facing
  • Create and maintain attractive shelves that are easy to shop
  • Suitable for mixing of packaging formats in the same section

Recommended categories:

  • Food to go
    • Wrapped sandwiches, salads, yogurts...etc
    • PET bottles with elephant foot

  • Pantry
    • Household, boxes
    • Beverage, PET bottles with elephant foot

  •  Confectionary
    • Block of chocolate


Find the perfect Glide solution for your needs:


Each GlideTrack™ sheet is assembled by tracks and an aluminum profile at the front and rear. GlideTrack™ is compatible with Roller Track™ accessories and can be customised to feature communication such as branded messages. Thanks to angle providers, the gravity effect can also be created on flat shelves.

Watch our product video:

vimeo video preview image


Glide plate

Glide plates are low friction sheets placed on angled shelves. Combine with Optimal™ or shelftrays to create a complete solution.



Glide slides 

Glide slides are low friction slides to be placed between Optimal™ dividers for a modular solution, adaptable to the required number of facings. Available for both L- and T-dividers for easy shelf combinations.

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