Rotating shelf for efficient front-facing

Ensure a better shopping experience while saving time refilling and reducing energy waste.

RotoShelf™ is a patented solution for easy product management, ensuring front-faced products while decreasing time needed for restocking and reducing energy waste when refilling chilled products.

A game changer in coolers

Rotoshelf™ can be installed in almost any type of coolers or cabinet, with or without doors and with or without a cold storage behind. Thanks to a 180° rotating movement, all shelves rotate at once, enabling restocking from the back and ensuring chilled products are placed in front. Products are merchandised on space-optimising gravity shelves with built-in dividers.

Key benefits:

  • Always front-faced products
  • Reduced labour and energy cost due to fast and easy refill
  • Less product waste due to support of 'first in, first out' principle

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