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Simplify daily maintenance and planogram changes

Reducing time spent on fronting, refilling and planogram changes is a key factor for today’s retailers.

Multivo™ is a shelf merchandising system that makes the daily work of refills, front-facing and planogram changes easier and faster than ever. By including push & pull feeding into one system more facings can be fronted automatically, especially in complex categories such as Health & Beauty. This way shelves always look attractive and well-stocked without staff having to invest too much of their time keeping the shelves in order.

Improve product visibility

Multivo™ improves product visibility as fronting is automatic with the integrated pusher and just as easy with the manual Pull-strip™ version. The flip-down front facilitates fast refilling. By using the flip-down front a full tray of products can be inserted in one go. 

The Multivo™ shelf merchandising system consists of T- and L-dividers, combined with pusher or Pull-strip™ functionality. The system only requires a front rail which makes installation and daily work much simpler.

Key benefits:

  • Save time on shelf maintenance due to automated front-facing and faster refilling
  • Always attractive shelves
  • Easier and faster fixture changes – installation and planogram changes require up to 80% less time*


*Source: Test comparing installations of Multivo™ vs other systems, HL Display.

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Recommended solutions:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Drugstore & Pharma

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