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Efficient merchandising and refilling

Ensure a better shopping experience while saving time refilling and reducing food waste.

Rotoshelf™ is a rotating shelf with round edges for more efficient merchandising
while allowing high flexibility. Thanks to a 180° rotating movement, all shelves rotate at once, enabling restocking from the back and ensuring chilled products are automatically front-faced. Products are merchandised on space-optimising gravity shelves with built-in dividers.

TurnLoader™ is a rotating shelf with straight edges that allows quick and easy stock rotation for a larger volume of products. Suitable for chillers, TurnLoader™ can be integrated into an existing fridge cabinet design. Alternatively, they can be retrofit and installed into a new retail concept.

Key benefits:

  • Automated front-facing for more efficient shelf management
  • Faster refilling with ‘first-in-first-out’ principle
  • Flexible set-up allows for various can/bottle heights
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