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Less waste, higher margins and efficient product rotation

Bulk merchandising delivers on shoppers' desire to choose the amount of product they would like to purchase while helping to reduce packaging waste.

While gravity bins allow shoppers to control the exact product selection, product cannot be touched unless it is bought. Furthermore, gravity bins ensure 'first in, first out' rotation and ensure a reduction in packaging waste. Bulk products often offer lower unit prices vs. pre-packed equivalents, creating better value perception for shoppers and providing higher margins for retailers. 

Attractive and easy to maintain

HL's gravity bins offer great product visibility in a hygienic closed system. They are made of virtually unbreakable material approved to use for food. Standard flow control and ergonomic handles ensure an optimal shopping experience and help to reduce shrinkage. An efficient and innovative design makes cleaning more intuitive and easy to do.

For high level fixtures, gravity bins can be installed using a swing down arm for easy replenishment and cleaning and agitators for slow-moving products are available as well.

Gravity bins are part of the Sustainable Choice range and are available in recycled plastic.

Key benefits:

  • Shoppers can pick and mix product and quantity
  • Help to reduce packaging waste
  • Guarantee efficient ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation

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