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The HL catalogue contains our store-ready solutions from pricing communication and shelf segmentation to package-free merchandising, digital screens and more. 

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MAX-O, MAX-C Merchandising system
MGT-CF Flag sign holder, magnetic
MINE Sign holder
MPDK Carrier profile
MPTK Carrier profile
OFM-DS/DL Divider
OMH Counter display, hook merchandising
OML Counter display
OMPHEL Carrier profile
ORXS Carrier profile, small
ORXSR Carrier profile, small
PHDG Holder, full length shelf
R2CLS Holder, full length shelf
SLIMFLAG Flag sign holder
SW-2T-RI-D1-KH Leaflet holder
SW-2T-RI-D2 Leaflet holder, two tier
SW-EC-2T-RI Leaflet holder, two tier
SW-EC-KH Leaflet holder
SW-EC-RI-D1 Leaflet holder
SW-EC-RI-D2 Leaflet holder