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BBIG-STRIP Hangstrip with pockets
CLIPSTRIP-IM Hangstrip with clips
CS-12 Hangstrip with clips
HOOKSTRIP-IM Hangstrip with hooks
HS-100 Hangstrip with hooks
HS-3D Merchandising tower
HS-3D-G Merchandising tower
HS-3D-S Merchandising tower
HS-HOOK Suspension hook
HS-TUBE Hangstrip for tubes
SKM-B-Kit End of gondola unit
SKM-BASE Base unit with side panels
SKM-BG-KIT End of gondola unit
SKM-BGD-KIT End of gondola unit
SKM-DIV Divider
SKM-DUC Connector
SKM-FIX-ARM Suspension arm
SKM-FIX-FREE Back support
SKM-FIX-TOP Shelf connector