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BBR Back rail
BINFLAG TF Sign holder
BUMPON Anti-slip pad
CATCH TRAY Catch tray for GoMix2 Display
CATCH TRAY STORAGE Catch tray for GoMix2 Display
COLLECTOR UNIT Collector unit for GoMix2 Display
FALSE FRONT SB200 False front for SB200
FALSE FRONT SB300 False front for SB300
FLEX BAR Crossbar
GB FOOT 100 N Foot for gravity bins
GB FOOT 150 N Foot for gravity bins
GB FOOT 300 N Foot for gravity bins
GB-FLOW TOOL Tool for gravity bin
GB-FUNNEL Refill funnel
GB100-12,5 Gravity bin
GB100-7,5 Gravity bin
GB100-BAFFLE Flow regulator
GB100/150-FILLING WHEEL HOLDER Mobile Refilling station for Gravity Bins
GB100A-12,5 Gravity bin with agitator