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MU-DIV65LR-LFDF L- divider, right side - no push or pull
MU-DIV65TR-FDF-P25- T- divider with pusher
MU-DIV65TR-FDF-P50- T- divider with pusher
MU-DIV65TR-FDF-PS50 T- divider with pull-strip
MU-DIV65TR-LFDF-P50- T- divider with pusher
MU-FRAIL Front rail
MU-GLIDE Support for T and L pushers and Pull-strip
MU-MAX CLIP Wire clip
MU-MAX Metal SIDEWALL Divider for wire pusher tray
MU-MAX Wire sidewall Divider, wire - for Multivo Max
MU-MAX2 FRONT Angled (A6) Front for Multivo Max2- low angled
MU-MAX2 FRONT Angled Mini (A4) Front for Multivo Max2, angled - mini
MU-MAX2 FRONT Finger (F14) Front for Multivo Max2, "finger"- tall
MU-MAX2 FRONT Finger Mini (F7) Front for Multivo Max2, "finger"- mini
MU-MAX2 FRONT Straight (S8) Front for Multivo Max2, straight
MU-MAX2 PUSHER P100 Pusher for Multivo™ Max P100
MU-MAX2 PUSHER P50 Pusher for Multivo™ Max P50
MU-MAX2 RUBBER GASKET Rubber gasket for Multivo Max2
MU-MAX2-1M-P100 L-divider - metal, with pusher
MU-MAX2-1M-P50 L-divider - metal, with pusher