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AC Power Adapters Power Adapter
Cable tie Cable tie
Cable tie base Cable tie base
LED FLEXI POR Carrier rail for LED FLEXI strip 8mm
LED FLEXI PST Carrier rail for LED FLEXI strip 8 mm
LED FLEXI-PT20 Power supply wire
LED HOLDER CL gl-X LED bar holder - plastic
LED MONTAGE CLIP Clip, universal metal
LED-BAL LED bar-basic
LED-BAL SC LED bar - serial connected
LED-BAL SC-PT20 Connector cable for LED BAL/SAL SC
LED-CL-PIN Clip, universal plastic
LED-ORXS Holder for Ad’Lite LED bar
LED-SAL R/W LED bar, red light
LED-SUAL LED bar for Slimline™Ultra - Left
LED-SUAR LED bar for Slimline™Ultra - Right
MGT-16 Magnet, small "super"
MGTS-00 Fixture, magnetic