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The HL catalogue contains our store-ready solutions from pricing communication and shelf segmentation to package-free merchandising, digital screens and more. 

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BANANA CANOPY Floor display, banana canopy
BANANA TREE Floor display, banana tree
BSS Rack, base
FBB Bin, false bottom, for Sigma™
FBB-Chalk Board Front board, chalk
PINEAPPLE 2 TIERS Floor display, pineapple
PINEAPPLE 3 TIERS Floor display, pineapple
PS - Row Pod row kit
PSH-DIV Divider for Sigma™ Pod
PSHQS Rack, half and quarter pod set
PSHQS-F Fence, Sigma™ Quarter Pod
PSHS Rack, half pod set
PSHS-F Fence, Sigma™ Half Pod
SBR-ext Step base rack, extendable
SSS Rack, straight shelving set
SSS-BASKET Basket, for use with Sigma™
SSS-CF Shelf front, curved
SSS-DIV Divider for Sigma™ straight shelf
SSS-DRAWER Drawer, for use with Sigma™
SSh - Row Shelf, Sigma™