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MU-CLIP Attachment clip
MU-MAX CLIP Attachment clip
MU-MAX2 FRONT Angled (A6) Front stop, angled
MU-MAX2 FRONT Angled Mini (A4) Front stop, angled, mini
MU-MAX2 FRONT Finger (F14) Front stop, "finger"
MU-MAX2 FRONT Finger Mini (F7) Front stop "finger", mini
MU-MAX2 FRONT Straight (S8) Front stop, straight
MU-MAX2-1M-P100 Metal L-tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-1M-P50 Metal L-tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-1W-P100 Metal L-divider with pusher
MU-MAX2-2M-P100 Metal tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-2M-P50 Metal tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-2W-P100 Wire tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-2W-P50 Wire tray with pusher
MU-MAX2-LL-1W-P50 Wire L-tray with pusher