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AC-CL Sign holder, clip-on
AS-ARM-FLUG-KIT Aisle sign frame fixture, magnetic
AS-MGT-CL Frameholder, magnetic
BS-CL Frameclip for BUS-STOP
CL-T Frameholder with clamp
DBAM Plastic pocket for frames
FL-CL90 Frame clip for Sky-Trak
FLU-90 Frame fixture, adhesive
FLUG Frame holding profile
FX-CL Frameclip with hook
FX-CL-XL Hangclip with flexible hook XL
HG-CL Hangclip with flexible hook
HG-CL-W Hangclip with flexible hook
JN-CL Frame connector, clip-on
KKLC Frame clip, adjustable
KL-CL Frameholder for wire baskets
LP-CL Frameclip with loop
MGT-00 Magnetic fixture
MGT-90 Magnetic fixture 90° angle
MGT-SW Frameholder with magnetic arm