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BSS Rack, base
CATCH TRAY Catch tray for GoMix Display
CATCH TRAY STORAGE Catch tray for GoMix Display
COLLECTOR UNIT Collector unit for GoMix Display
GOMIX BAGHOLDER Bagholder for GoMix Display
GOMIX SIDE PANEL Side panels for GoMix Display
OPS Pull-out shelf
PS - Row Pod row kit
PSH-DIV Divider, Sigma™ Pod
PSHQS Rack, half and quarter pod set
PSHQS-F Fence, Sigma™ Quarter Pod
PSHQS-F-Kit Fence kit, Sigma™ Pod
PSHS Rack, half pod set
PSHS-F Fence, Sigma™ Half Pod
PSHS-F-Kit Fence kit, Sigma™ Pod
SSS Rack, straight shelving set
SSS-BASKET Basket, for use with Sigma™
SSS-BIN Bin, curved front
SSS-DIV Divider, Sigma™ straight shelf
SSS-DRAWER Drawer, fresh produce