Increase sales by up to 20% with pusher trays

Switch to Next™ - the most versatile cross bar pusher system!

Maximize your merchandising space

Next™ is a pusher tray system that keeps products aligned at the front at all times which is a key factor for increasing sales. Dedicated product lanes and pusher feeds keeps the category neat and tidy on the shelf.

Customised merchandising

With Next™ there is a solution for almost every need in merchandising. The pusher tray system enables you to create a wall of products that enhance the presentation and the visibility of the brand.

Having product visible at all times increases impulse buys, improves product rotation and increases overall sales.

Clarifying the offer for frozen food

Next™ works very well in sub-zero environments such as freezers. It allows difficult products like pizzas and frozen food to be visible and easy to reach. Next™ is suitable for markets with high labour costs, hyper markets with many freezers and for convenience stores leverage space saving.

Benefits with Next™:

  • Reduces product spoilage
  • Reduces the time spent to manage the fixture
  • Improves product rotation
  • Improve range visibility and sales uplift