The all-in-one revolution in shelf management

Boost your profit by reducing labour costs and increasing sales

We continuously innovate not for novelty but to bring about change for the better. With our extensive knowledge of retail environment and our customers’ needs and challenges, we are bringing innovation to the next level; we are now launching a new innovation within shelf management named Multivo™.

Multivo™ is our new shelf merchandising system that makes the daily work of refills, front facing and planogram changes easier and faster than ever. The system is especially suited for health and beauty but can also be used for multiple products and pack-types. The solution allows automatic fronting of more pack types than ever before. 

Visibility is critical
Fronting is critical


The revolution in shelf management

Having a good visibility is proven to drive sales. Reducing time spent on fronting, refill and planograms changes is a key factor for today’s retailers. Multivo™ maintains products faced up and ensures that shelves always looks attractive and well stocked without staff having to invest too much of their time keeping the shelves in order. Let’s have your staff in front of customers instead of in front of the shelves!

Multivo™ improves product visibility as fronting is automatic with the integrated pusher and just as easy with the manual Pull-strip™ version The flip down front facilitates fast refilling. By using the flip down front a full tray of products can be inserted in one go. Planogram changes are made without removing products from the shelf so it can accommodate varying pack sizes in different categories easy.

Benefits with Multivo™:

  • Faster, easier fixtures changes
  • Better visibility driving sales for the retailer and brand
  • One system for the whole category