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Add light to boost your sales

Attract attention and drive traffic to the shelf with lighting.

Ad'Lite™ is a plug & play solution that allows to create disruption and drive awareness for specific shelf sections. Furthermore, illuminated products or shelves can improve the shoppers' value perception.

Convenient plug & play solution

Ad’Lite™ lamps are designed to be robust and thin while ensuring the highest output of emitted light. They are economical and environmentally friendly thanks to a low energy consumption of just 10 watts per lighting metre. The system requires minimum maintenance and the lamps are adapted to a variety of uses, including applications in very low temperatures. Ad’Lite™ LED emits a minimum of heat and no UV radiation.

Key benefits:

  • Creates disruption on shelf
  • Environmentally-friendly and cost-effective
  • Easy to use and install plug & play solution

Customer case for shelf light

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