Prevent theft and protect your profit

Loss prevention poses a significant challenge for retailers' operational efficiency across a number of categories.

LM Tag™ is an anti-theft alarm that uses a combination of light sensor and motion detector. When the product is both in motion and concealed the anti-theft alarm provides a notification to store employees.

When a product is concealed in a bag, under a coat, or in a pocket and moves at the same time, LM Tag™ turns on, counts down for a period of time and beeps lightly every second. If movement and concealment continues for too long, the tag will alarm to alert store staff.

LM tag™ alarm is trigged when:

  • Device is removed from package
  • Product is concealed and moved for prolonged period of time
  • Monofilament is cut

Designed to be applied anywhere on the product

LM Tag™ is suitable for a large variety of boxes, blister-packed and pegged items. It is designed to be applied anywhere on the product, allowing you to best merchandise products and maximise retail space.

Key benefits:

  • Improved profitability thanks to reduced shrink
  • Works for a number of boxes, blister-packed and pegged items
  • Minimal maintenance – battery life 4 years and running

Watch our product video:

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For more information:

Download flyer & technical sheet

Recommended categories and channels:

  • Health and beauty
  • Drugstore & pharma
  • Checkout
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home & clothing
  • DIY
  • and more…
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