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Highlights from the Corporate Responsibility Report 2019

Our vision is to be the leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for a better shopping experience around the world. In 2019, our commitment to make sustainability a part of our daily operations grew stronger.

Helping customers to reduce waste


Clients achieving significant waste reduction with our solutions

HL solutions offer our customers the ability to significantly reduce their waste as seen in, for example, UK supermarket Thornton's Budgens. Food waste was reduced by 15% when merchandising solution Sigma™ was installed in the fresh produce section.

Ahead of target in offering bio and recycled alternatives

By the end of 2019, 37% of HL's assortment was offered as a Sustainable Choice, i.e. solutions made from bio-based or recycled plastics. This was 4 percentage points ahead of the target HL set for 2019.


Sustainable Choice continuously growing

During 2019, we have set an ambitious target for Sustainable Choice solutions to reach 200 MSEK in sales.

Creating the best workplace


New policy strengthening diversity 

In 2019, we updated our Corporate Responsibility Policy, with particular focus on strengthening diversity and non-discrimination.

Focus on equal opportunities 

An increasing share of employees, 78%, experience that they are given the same opportunities for competence development and career advancement as others in the workplace (2018: 76%).


New e-learning system to provide trainings 

In 2019, HL increased availability of trainings by launching a new e-learning system. Seven trainings were made available as e-learnings, and the tool will be developed further during 2020.

Continuous development in operations


Environmental footprint study to form a baseline for improvement 

In 2019, HL carried out an extensive carbon footprint study to gain knowledge on our environmental impact. This study will set the baseline and guide our actions to reduce our environmental impact in 2020 and beyond.

Improved capacity for using sustainable materials 

To meet the demands of our evolving market, HL is continuously investing significant resources in equipment and innovations to enable production of high-quality products made of bio-based or recycled plastic.

Increasing renewable energy usage in factories 

In 2019, 45.5 percent (2018: 43.7 percent) of all energy used in HL’s operations came from renewable sources.


Ensuring responsibility throughout the supply chain


More effective supplier 

A new and more systematic way of screening our suppliers was introduced in 2019. It will help us to both identify risks in the supply chain, but also to engage with our suppliersand find better ways of doing business.

Deepening employees’ understanding of the Code of Conduct 

In 2019, we launched an e-learning module to deepen our employees understanding of our Code of Conduct through practical exercises on ethical dilemmas. All employees are to carry out the training in 2020.

Purchasing Policy setting the baseline for supplier expectations 

70% of important suppliers have signed the Purchasing Policy. Our target is to increase this number to 90 percent by the end of 2020.

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