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Highlights from the HL Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2022


Despite a continuously challenging environment, we are proud to report on the progress we have made on our sustainability journey and supporting our customers to create more sustainable stores.

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Launch of new packaging-free solutions

We launched our packing-free solution for liquids called FlowBin. Furthermore, PodBin, which provides improved traceability, communication and handling of products
sold in bulk, is part of Carrefour’s award-winning ‘bulk experience’.

Contributing to a circular economy

In 2022, we successfully conducted pilot projects in Gliwice to widen the scope of our circular aoffer to include injection moulded products such as dividers.


Black dividers offered in 100% recycled plastic

Through our circular offer, we collected plastic waste from fellow Ratos-owned company Diab, and turned it into black dividers using 100 percent recycled plastic, saving 170 kg of virgin plastic for every 1,000 dividers sold.

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95% of important suppliers signed our Code of Conduct for Suppliers

95 percent of our important suppliers signed the Code of Conduct during the past year, committing to the same level of sustainability as HL, and reaches our goal of 95 percent of our important suppliers.

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Approval of our targets by the SBTi

Our targets for ensuring the reduction of our climate footprint in line with the SBTi ambition were approved by 2022. Closing 2022, we are on track to deliver on our targets, but much work remains until 2030.


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Improving employees' score for diversity

According to our employee survey, we have reached a score of 74 for the statement ‘Regardless of background, everyone at HL Display has an equal opportunity to succeed’, an increase of four points from 2021 and one point ahead of the global benchmark.

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Increased number of suppliers completed the self assessment

We work systematically to make sure that our suppliers are operating on the same level of sustainability as HL. In 2022, self assessment have been completed by suppliers covering 85 percent of our spend, helping us to identify and address potential risks.

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Impact on climate change

The carbon footprint study plays a large role in setting the baseline for improving HL's operations and guiding our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

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Our emissions:

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Making progress towards our CO2 emission reduction targets


Reducing CO2 emissions to reach our Science Based Targets is a priority for HL. Therefore, we are tracking our emissions compared to the base year of 2019 on an annual basis, and while there is more work to be done, in 2022 we made progress towards our goals.

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HL circular offer 

We have successfully closed the loop on plastic, by recycling old datastrips to avoid end-of-life incineration. Our ambition is to extend the value chain to include more retailers.

Let’s join forces to reduce carbon footprint!



Moving to green energy sources while
decreasing overall energy consumption

The total energy consumption of our operations decreased by 8,2 percent, and 72,3 percent of all energy usage in our operations now come from renewable resources. 

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Our four focus areas

Based on the nature of our business, we have identified four focus areas for our sustainability work. In 2022, we have reached our targets for most of our four focus areas:

+ We (over-) delivered on our target
= Good result but we can do better 
- We have missed our target


Helping customers to reduce waste

= We increased sales of the HL Sustainable Choice range by 6%, 4ppts below of
+ Our circular offer was presented to customers across Europe and projects were started in two new markets. 

Creating the best workplace

- We registered ten accidents leading to absence.
- Our overall engagement index is 69.
+ Our score for ‘Everyone at HL has an equal opportunity to succeed’ to succeed is 74.


Driving continuous improvement in operations

+ CO₂ emisson reduction targets were approved by SBTi
- Usage of recycled material declined with 7 percent by weight.

Ensuring responsibility throughout the supply chain


+ Suppliers accounting for 85% of our spend* were covered by supplier self-assessment
+ 95% of our important suppliers** have signed the Code of Conduct for Suppliers.


*This include all important suppliers
**Our important suppliers are made up of the suppliers that cover 80% of our total spending