When HL Display switches the roles!

What could be better than putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, to help us understand their needs!

HL Display has always aimed at helping retailers boost sales and ease the daily workload for their employees, by providing retail proof and user friendly merchandising solutions.

Since 2012, HL Display each year organises the “In-Store Day.” For the first time this initiative took place in June 2012 in Sweden, at ICA. Its goal was to better understand the day to day challenges retailers must cope with, and to provide the most suitable solutions.

This initiative has a two-fold benefit:

  • For HL employees: the ability to comprehend the retailer’s needs.
  • For the store staff: to communicate their daily concerns and improve their efficiency.

This initiative has now become one of the key events in our company. It has taken off in various HL Display subsidiaries across the globe - Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, India, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Norway, Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Russia, France, Switzerland, Belgium, UK and Finland.