Reduce facing time by 45%*

and make the most out of high maintenance categories.

Create an inviting and engaging section in no time!

Facer™ frames are adaptable to the actual product size and keeps the bottles steady. Facer™ reduces the risk of products being misplaced and creating messy displays, or knocked off the shelf if they´re bumped against each other.

Each line of bottles or cans is maintained in a width-adjustable steel frame hidden behind a customised riser. This reduces the risk of overfilling and damaged bottles. The frames are placed directly on the shelf and work whichever way they are installed.

Refilling, stock count and facing, the everyday tacks of store employees

Reducing the time spent on shelf and waste management, improves store efficiency!

Fewer breakages mean a better return on investment. With Facer™ the shelves cannot be overfilled which minimises the risk of expensive overstocking problems. Products remains within easy reach and shelves are tidy so there are no hidden bottles behind neighboring stock.

Better faced-up departments encourage stronger sales.

Facer™ improves product presentation while significantly reducing time spent in section. The system provides solutions for both lateral and perpendicular signage. It's proven that guiding consumers with a nice shelf segmentation drives sales.

Benefits with Facer™?

  • Less time spent on re-stocking, counting and facing up
  • Reduction of out-of-stocks
  • Better shelf merchandising developes impulse buying
  • Less risk of over-stocking & broken bottles
  • More attractive presentation with products neatly aligned
  • Correct product in correct place

* Based on HL internal test