Improve time spent in-store and drive traffic

Make your products more visible with increased standout

Why invest in lighting?

  • Highlight exclusive offers
  • Drive additional traffic
  • Improve consumer experience
  • Increase time spent in store/section
  • Increase sales

Illuminated sensitive offer

Ad'Lite™ - a simple and effective lighting solution

Creating a competitive advantage by gaining the attention of customers and reducing your operational costs.

  • High intensity brightness and high efficiency
  • Minimized operating costs
  • Complete plug & play solution 

Design your lighting with technically advanced & economical lamps

Ad'Lite™ is available with either CCFL or LED lamps. They are designed to be robust with the highest output of emitted light available. They're economic and kind to the enviornment thanks to a low energy consumption of just 10w per lighting metre and the system requires minimum maintenance. The lamps can be adpated to a variety of uses, including applications in sub-zero temperatures.

Download our Ad'Lite™ brochure.