Bulk bins - differentiate your display from the competition

Create a shopping destination within the store and improve profits.

Consumers prefer to be able to choose themselves what they buy and how much. Bulk presentations allow consumers to mix and test new products without having to buy the whole pack. Seeing the product and being able to measure it yourself appeals to customers and creates store loyalty and brand awareness!

Organics foods and fair trade products are one of the fastest growing segments within food retail. Read more about bulk best sellers.

3e Bins: Ecologic - Economic - Ergonomic

We offer three types of bulk merchandising innovations:


  • Bulk foods are a more "eco-friendly" way to shop, reducing transport and packaging costs compared to pre-packed goods
  • Our cost-effective solution provides an opportunity for selling at increased gross margins
  • Our range is easy to handle for consumers and easy to install for stores

Scoop bin

  • Virtually unbreakable material approved for food contact - sizes from 10 to 20 litres
  • Full set of signage solutions
  • Optional catch tray for removal of crumbs and sugar
  • Automatic stock rotation to maintain product freshness and quality
  • Installs on both shelves and cross bars

Gravity bin

  • Virtually unbreakable material and approved for food contact - sizes from 7.5 to 50 litres
  • Easy flow adjustment to set optimum amount of product released
  • Hygienic closed system - consumers can see, but not touch the product unless buying
  • Full set of signage solutions
  • Optional product agitator for products that tend to stick in the container