Zero-waste stores are popping up around the UK!


The Clean Kilo header.jpg

Since the BBC broadcast of Sir David Attenborough's programme, the Blue Planet II, we have seen an unpresidented surge in support from the public, to push the government into making changes that will help reduce plastic waste polution heading into our oceans.

Retailers have done little, other than charging for single use plastic bags, so far. This will change. In fact we are already seeing a change.

However, there have been many entreprenuers who have chosen to make a difference by opening  zero-waste stores around the UK. This movement of people has really starting to gather momentum and hopefully will push the large supermakrkets to follow suit. We have been fortunate to supply almost all of these new busiensses with bulk bins, thereby providing an alternative to the national supermarkets.

These zero-waste stores are providing a guilt free shopping experience by providing everyday product plastic free. One store in particular, The Clean Kilo based in Birmingham, can provide weekly groceries for not a great deal more than the local supermarket.

Not only does it reduce large amounts of plastic waste, it is also a better shopping experience.

The Clean Kilo sells all the usual fruit and vegetables alongside the store cupboard staples such as dried fruit, nuts, pulses, seeds, baking ingredients, oils, milk etc. and cleaning products all from bulk bins. The bins allow customers to dispense the exact amount they need without the need for single use plastic bottles.

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