Merchandising awkward sized products?



Is your store struggling to merchandise awkward sized products and maximise the amount of product on display? This is something a lot of retailers face when attempting to maintain tidy aisles. Not all products fit nicely into neat lines and remain there when consumers are shopping during heavy trading hours.

Maintaining shelves and ensuring they look good, for the fickle consumer is time consuming and difficult to do without using some form of shelf merchandising, and can be costly to the retailer. Here at HL we have designed some of the best systems available which will ensure products and prices are aligned, the replenishment times are heavily reduced and delivers that 'fully stocked' look.

Why not consider some of our concept products.

NEXT™ - for maximising the amount of stockmdisplay and ensuring products are front faced.
FACER - retain bottles in neat lines within the B.W.S. category do that price and product align.
MULTIVO - ideal for H&B categories this premium looking pusher tray system makes light work of replenishment and provides a fully stock shelf.
ROLLERTRACK - automatically delivers products to the shelf edge everytime.

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