P&G Pringles display unit

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    Pringles, UK

    Country: United Kingdom
    Company website: http://www.pringles.co.uk/
    Customer segment: Mass consumer goods
    Solution: Bespoke solution for product merchandising

Pringles magnetic display

P&G wanted a new bespoke solution for its small Pringles cans to achieve market differenciation and give a good in-store visibility.

Our brief was to create a permanent impulse purchase unit for small Pringles cans (40g) that could be sited at all incremental areas (including chiller units for drinks/sandwiches and shelf ends). The unit needed to hold 12 cans, give good in-store visibility, be easy to install and simple to restock.

The size of the unit, with its ability to be placed at many different sites, heightened in-store recognition and awareness of the small can. Distribution increased of 9.3% to 72.5% (Vs 28.5% nationally-IRI data Feb 2010). This is an outstanding result and initial sales have shown up to 1000 index increase in epos.

A P&G trade communication manager was full of enthusiasm for the product and retailer passing the stand were universally impressed.