Our process

From design and innovation to in-store installation, our global and local knowledge of the market, sales process and store environment ensures success.

Bespoke capabilities
At our factory, we offer a fully integrated one stop source for design, manufacture and installation. This is a truly world-class in-house manufacturing facility, covering 190,000 sq. ft on 7.5 acres.

In-house capabilities
A multi-material and multi-site production facility retained in-house ensures speed and quality. Our sales support team look after each customer’s needs, from estimating costs and planning delivery up to arranging prototypes, functional tests, production tooling and final manufacture.

We can handle a variety of processes and materials to extremely high standards. Our design and development teams generate visuals and prototypes using the latest, state-of-the-art techniques.

Delivery to suit your needs
As a customer focused company, we offer logistics with central or point-by-point delivery. We also provide kit packing for ready-to-use deliveries with an installation service to ensure our solutions generate 100% of their benefits.