Attract, engage and inform your shoppers!

Digital shelf communication is a top influencer in driving in-store purchases, proven to increase conversion by 40%.

Investing in digital signage help brands and retailers break through the clutter and offer compelling shopping experiences at point of conversion. HL Display provides a complete end to end solution for your digital signage needs: a wide range of screens and mounts as well as solid installation and after-market support.

A retail proof communication tool for today 
and future needs

The iDisplay™ range is specifically designed for commercial use, unlike consumer tablets. iDisplays sturdy casing and powerful processors are built to withstand the demands of commercial environments to keep up with continuous hours of operation and interaction. With plug and play functionality, hidden operational buttons and power track integration the iDisplay™ range perfectly suit this demanding environment.


  • Guided selling and content interaction
  • Drive conversion at point of purchase
  • Break through the visual clutter
  • Boost promotions and  launches
  • Better shopping experience