Overview challenge solved with push, pull and roll

Extreme makeover in three different categories at Finland’s largest hypermarket

Convinced by the benefits of installing merchandising solutions, two store managers from Turun osuuskauppa group decided to run a trial in two different stores. The main focus was not only to improve store appearance but also increase sales and save time and labour cost. 

Three different solutions, in three different categories, where chosen for their first big store tests. We installed our pusher tray system Next™ in the confectionery category, our gravity-feed system Roller Track™ in the dairy area and our pull feeding system Facer™ in the beverage section.

Positive feedback already after one month

Not only did the extreme makeover give a good shelf visibility but also created a tidy, easy to manage shelf display that keeps products in alignment and displayed in easy reach at the front of the shelf.

The store-trial has only been running for two months but the positive feedback is already streaming in. Store manager Ville Ämmälä and Category manager Petri Lundelin is equally pleased with how the HL solutions have fulfilled their aims of improving their stores.

“Altogether, all the solutions makes the categories look better and well organised which leads to better sales”.

The largest Next™ installation in Finland, so far. 

With 30 modules fully equipped with the pusher tray system Next™, the trial installation at Prisma is the biggest one in Finland within the candy category, at least for now. 

Pusher tray system Next installed in the confectionery category.

Gravity-feed system Roller track™ installed in the dairy category.
Pull feeding system Facer™ installed in the beverage category.

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