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    Country: Norway
    Year: 2011
    Customer website: www.meny.no
    Customer segment: Food retail chain
    Solution: Optimal™+, Ad'Lite™, Roller Track™

The Norwegian supermarket chain Meny is in the midst of carrying out its biggest store reprofiling ever. This new profile includes stocking a wider range of goods with more focus on fresh produce.

Meny’s concept is based on a wide range of products with plenty of fresh produce and high standards of personal service. To accomplish this it is important to find and retain experienced and knowledgeable staff in order to provide customers with the best possible service and create a great environment for a unique shopping experience.

-We have seen that more and more customers are returning to our stores, not just because of the wide range of good products but also because of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members and the atmosphere their positive attitudes create, says Håkon Flaten, Business Development Manager at Meny.

Among our staff members are experts within many different areas that can assist our customers and answer all sorts of questions about everything from products to contents.

Meny specialises in fresh produce such as fresh meat, fish and shellfish, exotic fruit and vegetables and very fresh bread. Food is cooked at the stores’ fresh produce counters all day, both for tasting and for buying. Meny also has a wide range of organic alternatives and alternative food for people with allergies.

Wide range

Meny aims to become well known for having a wide range of fresh produce of high quality and for being able to provide everything.

– A wide range of goods is what makes us different. Most low-price stores have between 1 000 and 3 000 products, while a Meny supermarket has an average of 12 000. We aim to provide our customers with every single product they could possibly want, which means that we have many new and exciting products from all corners of the world on our shelves, says Håkon.

Meny now has 150 supermarkets all over Norway, with more on the way.

– We will be opening more supermarkets in order to be able to meet our customers’ demands, says Håkon.

Meny provides its customers with a great shopping experience with stores that are both unpredictable and surprising, not just because of their size and wide range of products, but also because of their positive atmosphere and environment.

– Shopping in our supermarkets should be a pleasant experience for the entire family, says Håkon.

Loyal customer

Meny has been one of HL Display Norge’s customers for many years. Two years ago Meny wanted to upgrade its stores so they contacted HL Display and asked us for suggestions for a new shop design.

– We wanted an overall solution that included everything from shelf edge strips to fridge and freezer merchandising, says Håkon.

The reprofiling project is called Meny 11.11.11 because the company is reprofiling 11 shops a week up to the 11 November 2011 and HL Display has, among other things, developed new merchandising solutions that include LED lighting for cosmetics, underwear and magazines.

-The lighting makes the department more visible and it creates an inviting atmosphere that makes customers want to spend longer there. The departments that have been equipped with this lighting are departments that are important to women. Women are usually responsible for a large part of the household budget and if you can create an attractive department, it can result in more loyal customers. The cosmetics and hygiene departments have also been equipped with our XX Optimal+, says Lars Svenkerud, Managing Director of HL Display Norway.

HL Display has also supplied the gravity feed system RollerTracks for the dairy shelves and a number of in-store communication solutions. Meny has been a loyal customer for many years and during this time HL Display has also supplied them with a number of other solutions.

Håkon thinks that they have worked well together with HL Display over the years.

– HL Display is an innovative company that develops many new products that help us. The fact that they keep their promises and make on-time deliveries is very important to us, says Håkon.