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    Lotte Mart

    Country: Korea
    Year: 2015-2016
    Customer homepage: Lotte Mart
    Category: Grocery
    Solution: Optimal™+

Taming spice aisle chaos with Optimal™+

For Korea’s largest grocery retailer
Lotte Mart, running happy stores is a top priority.

So when a messy problem was spotted in one of their grocery store aisles -  a problem which was causing inconvenience for both customers and staff members - they were fast to act.

The messy aisle in question was the one containing the seasoning displays. The spice and herb packets, in their various shapes and sizes, weren’t standing upright, let alone staying in their own lanes. They were spilling over into neighboring product territories, creating extra work for staff members, and confusion for customers. In fact, the unattractive displays were deterring buys altogether.

Lotte Mart consulted with us at HL Display to help bring order to chaos. After evaluating the problem and considering our various display solutions, the answer was Optimal™+. With its self-containing product dividers and supportive back rails, Optimal™+ creates a tidy, easy to manage shelf display, keeping products in alignment and displayed in easy reach at the front of the shelf.

The result was a happy one all around. “Since we can clearly see the location of each item, it helps our store staff save time when replenishing, and gives consumers a neater display,” says Merchandising Team Manager, Kwan Young Dae. 

“Optimal™+ helps our staff save time when replenishing, and gives our customers a neater display.”

General Store Manger, Kim Chang Jo is equally pleased with how easy restocking has become with Optimal™+. “It significantly saves time and labour costs, and makes it easier to control the goods…The dividers prevent product mixing and it’s very easy and convenient to place items upright. Plus we really love that the goods are displayed towards the front.”

Following a successful two-month trial, Lotte Mart implemented Optimal™+ in all 116 of their stores nationwide. They have since reported an average labor cost savings of 3 minutes per shelf per day, an annual payroll savings of at least 540,000 SEK and a 40% return on investment.

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