Flexing muscles helps create a big sales push

With expectations of a 20% sales increase, the result of more than 60% is more than good! 

Strong product presentation and clear category presence are keys to increasing sales as much as creating a neat and tidy fixture. Shanghai Johnson has introduced several new brands within their household category with one, aiming for an attractive and innovative product presentation. They required a solution that ensured their products could be seen, made it easier to select but also reduced time spent replenishing or front facing, which benefited the retailer.

Shanghai Johnson collaborated with Walmart to run a trial for the Mr Muscle toilet block brand using our Next™ cross bar pusher system to key decision makers. A further rollout was made to Walmart Shenzhen stores for two months, followed by the complete installation at all Walmart stores throughout China.

By installing our Next™ cross bar pusher system they increased the number of products on display, improved the look and navigation of the fixture and increased sales by a whopping 63%. How’s that for merchandising muscle!?

“Awesome. Perfect category solution! Now all the category managers and store development team at Walmart are interested in HL's solutions.” – Daisy Hu, Walmart.